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Coronavirus Information

26th Feb 2020

Over the last 24 hours you will have undoubtedly read stories regarding schools in Northern Ireland that have been affected by the coronavirus due to trips over half-term or see posts on various school social media pages. 

At the time of writing this note, the Public Health Agency (PHA) advises that the coronavirus risk to individuals remains low in Northern Ireland. PHA, along with Government departments, continue to monitor the evolving situation with the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Schools have been advised that we should contact the PHA in regard to the following:

- Impending school trips to areas where there is an outbreak.

- Returning trips from such areas.

- Guidance on self isolation instructions.

Not only is coronavirus fast moving but so is the supporting information, advice and guidance, the links to which are provided below. 

We will continue to monitor the resources available to schools to best inform parents of any steps the school is taking should circumstances change. 

If you have returned from any of these regions please refer to guidance material below and contact the school immediately  

The latest guidance can be found here.  Guidance for those travelling or living overseas can be found here

The Public Health Agency can be contacted on 0300 555 0114.