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Castle Gardens Primary School, Newtownards
School Closed for Summer School is now closed for the Summer. The office will be open until 9th July and closed until Monday 16th August. 
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  1. Teaching Staff

P1                              Mrs Harbinson

P1                              Miss Kerr           

P2                              Miss Martin

P2                              Miss Irvine

P3                              Mrs McDowell                     

P3                              Mrs Saunderson

P4                              Mrs Hutchinson

P4                              Mr Gibson                                        

P5                              Mr Adair    

P5                              Miss Lowry             

P6                              Mrs Turtle

P6/7                           Mr Stewart

P7                              Mrs Alcorn

P1/2 Speech              Miss C Spence 

P2/3 Speech              Miss J Davidson

Classroom Assistants


Mrs L Noble

Mrs A Dodd

Mrs J Irvine

Miss E McDowell

Mrs S Totten

Mrs A Moore

Mrs J McCulloch

Mrs D Bishop

Miss R Lappin

Miss A Long

Mrs O Hards

Mrs J Berry 


School Secretaries

Mrs R Armstrong

Mrs J McCluskie


Unit Catering Supervisor

Mrs F Dane



Mr H Gregory


Building Together for the Future